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03:27pm 20/09/2009
  I blame Jenn for my buying of Alkaline Trio albums.  
Subject to change.   
01:53am 27/03/2009

And playing is just as fun as I remembered it.
Just an FYI   
01:44am 17/09/2008
  For those that care, I've went and started a new blog at http://cannotunsee.blogspot.com It is picture heavy!  
Dear Fathom Events   
01:02pm 25/07/2008
  Fuck you.
Fuck you in the rectum.
Fuck you in the rectum with a piece of splintered, flaming balsa wood.

Now, when you decided to screen Death Note in May, I was excited, but that excitement quickly turned to disdain when you left the generic music playing over the FIRST TEN MINUTES of the god damned film. Wait, no, I'm sorry, that's unfair, allow me to rephrase this. My excitement quickly turned to disdain when you left the generic music playing over the FIRST TEN MINUTES OF THE FUCKING DVD. I should have learned, but like Joshua, I can be slow to learn.

Today was the 25th anniversy of WarGames and my local theater was screening it along with some interviews and a preview (read trailer) of the direct to DVD sequal, The Dead Code (Fuck. That.)

I sit through the poorly done interviews with the cheesy text that directly quotes what's happening on the screen. It's like a bad demotivational poster that only states what the image states.

Followed by that was the trailer for the sequal. I fear seeing this as it will implode my mind cuasing unforseen consequences that not even Gorden Fucking Freeman can save us from.

The movie starts, "Great!" I think as I see one of my favourite films from childhood on the big screen! "Fuck you" is what I thought when I saw it was a DVD. Not remastered, not re-what the fuck ever. The 10 dollar DVD you can buy AT BEST BUY. I tolerate this as I want to see it in the theater, but already I'm thinking about how to get a refund or something out of this. I swear off Fathom Events from that point on as it's just a fancy way to watch a DVD. I could have bought the DVD and watched it on my computer for the same cost, and could have paused to take a piss.

The best part though, and this really is the best of all the asshattery to happen, the movie crashes. It crashes to WINDOWS NINTEY FUCKING EIGHT That's right, Fathom Events is STREAMING THE DAMNED DVD VIA WINDOWS 98. Windows Media Player, Internet. That's it. Anyone want to do a start up company? We'll make shit tons of money BECAUSE THESE WHORES ALREADY ARE!

Fathom Events, contract ebola, bleed out for 3 days, survive, then get ran over by a bus. I want you bankrupt and I want your CEOs on the streets begging for food. I want you to fail, I want you to fail so that your only recourse to paying bills is taking shots in a dark ally for 25 cents.

I will call you tomorrow and complain. If you say word one about it being the theater's fault, my reply will be for you to close that poor excuse of a cock holster you call your mouth, and to transfer me up. I have all day to do this and I do so love your suffering.
Hush Little Baby, with references to Doom.   
09:58pm 13/07/2008
  Hush little baby, don’t you cry,
Mars is over ran with demons and we don’t know why.

The base is full of demons but don’t you fret,
Daddy’s gonna get you a pistol and some clips

And if that pistol doesn’t last,
Daddy’s gonna get you a nice shotgun

And if you take the secret passage,
Daddy will gas up that new chain saw

And if that chainsaw fails to work
Daddy will get you a double barrel shotgun

And if they swarm you don’t give up
Daddy has a chain gun just for you

And if that chain gun runs out
Daddy has some rockets and a launcher to shoot

And if the demons get too tough,
Daddy has a plasma gun that packs a punch

And when you fight the final boss
Daddy will make sure you have the BFG 9000
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Shock and Awww (Or I just updated my LJ so stop bitching Loki)   
11:32pm 23/06/2008

I'm pretty sure the link is self explanatory. For those that need further explanation

Edit: She was born on May 26 at 23:24
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12:35am 15/12/2007
  I'm surprised, I haven't had to dink with the router for a long while, which means the site stays accessible. This pleases me, greatly.

But, that is only a minor observation.

On Friday, Usu, Frozen and myself all went to see "I am Legend" staring Will Smith, and a dog. The movie starts up as though the audience is watching an interview on a 24-hours news network with a doctor that had cured cancer. Directly following that interview, the movie cuts to a scene of Robert Nevel (Will Smith) driving through an abandoned New York city three years later. He's driving a very nice Mustang hunting the deer that now roam the city streets. Through out the movie we are confronted with scenes of Roberts daily life of survival and pictures of nature reclaiming one of man's many concrete jungles and his ongoing research to cure humanity.

Will Smith offers a very strong performance, similar to Men In Black, Pursuit of Happyness and Independance Day (Apple products included). There are parts of the movie where the audience laughed and parts of it where cries of disbelief were given and parts where the only sound was sympathy for Robert Nevel.

"I am Legend" is a film with good acting and good pacing where nothing seems over the top, save for the Apple logo. The only detractor is that the scenes in the trailer are spread through out the movie. The parts of getting his family from his home and getting them through a check point, that's all spread out through the movie, but a good chunk of it was given away in the trailers. Personally, I would have rather seen that done all in one go and be done with it as I already knew most of what had happened during that those parts instead of how it was presented. If it wasn't for the trailer, the presentation of those scenes would have a much deeper effect on the audience than they did.

While I won't say that this is movie of the year, it is a good movie to see all the same and very worth the price of admission. I suggest that everyone that was even remotely interested in this movie go see it in a theater.
01:57am 02/12/2007
  So, I have come to some starteling conclusions.
The first one is that I am a very capable person when it comes to break X horribly, for those that do not know, X is the back bone to having a GUI in linux. If the X server doesn't work there is no GUI. And I broke it about 10 times saturday when I was only in front of the computer for about an hour. It's working now again, though I can't get the resolution to change for the life of me. I think I'll just grab a bigger monitor or something (I love having spares). The nice thing about linux, is that I don't really need a GUI to do the stuff I normally do on this computer. Irssi allows me to run IRC, Lynx for webbrowsing and Finch for everything that Pidgin does. I use the GUI now, it seems, for comfort.

The second is that I am now a big fan of Amarok. Amarok is a music player that, if you took everything you liked about all the other music players and combined them that you would end up with. It's intuintive to use, easy to figure out, plugins and scripts are included, bot not turned on by default and are easy to toggle on/off. One of my favourite scripts is the one that pulls lyrics from the web for the songs various songs on my playlist. There wasn't an obscure site I had to find to get it, no lyric libraries to install, just a simple question "Do you want to enable this script?". A "yes" was all that was needed and it was active. The only truely down side to Amarok, and this is in the purely superficial sense of the word, is that it is currently Linux only. When the port for Windows is done, I'm dropping Winamp, and I've been a loyal user of winamp for about 6 years or so now.

A minor revelation is that I happen to like Ktorrent better then any other torrent program I've used. Again, another linux only program (I think there is no port for Windows)

And finally, I discuss why "And finally" should be accepted in formal papers. Sometimes stating that your done is needed, it gives a nice sense of closure and is a nice and direct way of saying you are done with the current subject.

Unless of course, you move onto another subject, say, Christmas Music. I detest most Christmas Music, loath isn't even a strong enough word most times. It always seems too happy, too cheerful, too artificial. I can understand trying to garner a sense of compassion and commadery (and spelling errors, lots of spelling and grammar errors) but the sound from most of the Christmas Music is just too manifactured and disgust me. Most of it, not all of it. The only Christmas Music I can stand is the Trans-Siberian Orchestra. Maybe it's becauase I know that the music I'm listening to was produced by a full array of people that care about the music and not by industrial hacks that do it for a paycheck at the end of the week. Maybe it's because I've experienced (one does not "see" TSO, one experiences TSO) live with my girl last year and I can still close my eyes and see the light show and feel the sound of the music move through my body. If all Christmas Music was like this, maybe, just maybe, the sense of the holiday would come back and it would be a better time of year.

To recap, Linux is god, TSO its creator.
12:44am 27/09/2007
  Well, I'm being cloned. And I'm serious about it too....  
01:18pm 11/09/2007
  sometimes the music just needs to be pushed to 11 on all three dials.  
10:34pm 11/07/2007
  Well now, this is a strange strange turn of events. I'm pretty sure everyone that knows me know that I've always had to depend on others to get around or borrow a car to move from point A to point B. Long car trips were usually out of the question as I had a rather small zone of operation.

This has changed, I now have my own car. I still can't get over the shock of it but it's true. I might be making some road trips soon to celebrate this new carness.
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06:04pm 09/07/2007
  On the bus ride home today there was a women that looked as if she was going to cry. She walked to the back of the bus, with shoulders slumped and slid into the seat. Her eyes were moist and her posture screamed for help, she propped her head up with her hand, not the the cheek, where people place it to think, but on the forhead where people place it that wish to hide. We all know the look, we've all worn it before. Usually right after something or some one hurts us. Slumped over some object, be it table, window sill or just our own knee. Fingers curled into a ball but with palm exposed flat against our forehead. Eyes about to water with our mouth being tugged at the corners but the emotions weighing us down. The time where all we need is some help.

I left her wanting.
On Friends   
10:14pm 03/07/2007
  So, a while ago I trimed my LJ friends list to people I still some what keep in touch with, or to those I care to keep in touch with.

Now I'm about to do the same with my friends list on Yahoo and AIM. The way I figure it, if I don't talk with some one I really shouldn't keep their name on my friends list, should I?

Now, if you'll excuse me, I must go have sex.
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Hello Every Body!   
06:36pm 29/06/2007
  Good news! I got a raise! That's right! A raise!

The last time I got a raise at a job was in 2003 and I put over 3 and a half years with that company.
My assignment is until the end of September so I have work for a while now. And the person that I'm subbing for gets back in at the beginning of September so it seems that my last month might be pretty damn easy.

Frozen's and mine D20 Modern game flopped, sadly. But that means I get to play DnD weekly anyway. I love my CN Psion. Because of how big of a geek I am I have his progression planned out until level 10 or so. I could almost dip into Psychic warrior for two levels and gain two of the feats I need pretty fast. Or just one really. I'd get some bonus Power points based off of my wisdom (+3), an extra power and a free feat.the BAB and Fort save would be handy as well as the extra hit points. But then I'd need to take "practiced manifester" twice which I don't think would be worth it. It isn't, so I'll just stick with straight Psion 20.

And now, i must do some menial tasks.

12:13pm 24/06/2007
  Those I care to keep in touch with. La~  
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08:03pm 18/06/2007
  Planning on seeing Oceans 13 tonight with The Girl, if she's in the mood for it. And right now, I'm cleaning the computer room up a bit. Looks a little better, but not much. That's going to be my project next weekend on saturday. Maybe.

Right now I feel kind of lost, no real reason as to why but I feel it. It's that kind of lost where you know where you are and you know where you want to go, you just can't fathom how to get there. It's that kind of lost where there are people all around you and you can get directions, but the directions don't make sense.
It's that kind of lost where you just sit down with your head against the wall and kind of fade away as people pass you by.

It's kind of how I feel every day the last few weeks. I'm really not sure what the future holds for me.

To be honest, I doubt it'd even be blog worthy, but no point of my life really is.
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11:29pm 14/06/2007
  Firefly Theme Lyrics

The Ballad of Serenity by Sonny Rhodes - Firefly Lyrics

Take my love, take my land
Take me where I cannot stand
I don't care, I'm still free
You can't take the sky from me.

Take me out to the black
Tell them I ain't comin' back
Burn the land and boil the sea
You can't take the sky from me.

Leave the men where they lay
They'll never see another day
Lost my soul, lost my dream
You can't take the sky from me.

I feel the black reaching out
I hear its song without a doubt
I still hear and I still see
That you can't take the sky from me.

Lost my love, lost my land
Lost the last place I could stand
There's no place I can be
Since I've found Serenity

And you can't take the sky from me.
of Nachos and Hitler   
08:03pm 09/06/2007
  So I had a nacho craving for some reason and thought about hitting up Taco Bell when I realized that I wouldn't get the amount of Nachos I'd want. So instead I decided to look up nacho recipes instead. My biggest fear is that it would take forever to actually make the nachos. I wanted to spend maybe 30 minutes on prep time and have nachos shortly after, but worried that I'd have to wait 30 minutes or more for nachos! That was unacceptible for my nacho craving. But I have been saved, the first nacho recipe I found has a 10 minute cook time! It's below for your Nacho joy with a link going to the website.


Tortilla chips -
extra thick - 1 14-oz bag

Refried beans - 2-3 cups

Cheddar Cheese - 1/2 lb, grated, about 3 cups

Pickled jalapeno peppers - 4 peppers, sliced

Optional, but highly recommended



Sour cream

Cilantro, chopped

  1. Preheat the oven to 350°F. Arrange a layer of tortilla chips along the bottom of a wide, shallow baking pan. It will make things easier if this baking pan also can be used as a serving pan, such as the ceramic platter shown in the photo above. The layer of tortilla chips can be a couple chips thick. Spread the refried beans over the chips (this is why you need extra thick chips, so they don't break when encountering the beans). Sprinkle the grated cheese over the top of chips and beans. Sprinkle slices of jalapeño peppers over the cheese. Bake in oven for 10 minutes, or until cheese is melted. 5 minutes in a convection oven.

  2. Serve with dollops of salsa, sour cream and guacamole, with chopped cilintro sprinkled on top.

Serves 8. What is pictured above is a half-recipe.

Now the next bit is just something random. It's a clip from the movie "Downfall" (English title). The language is the same, German, as the original, but the subtitles have been changed. Imagine Hitler's reaction if his X-box live account had been banned.

One glaring problem with the clip is that the scan started at 0300 and by 0215 it entered the bunker. There are some grammatical issues as well. It being a movie clip, it is, of course, not safe to view at work.

10:57pm 07/06/2007
  2. Faraway Vol. 2 (Extended Version)

[Featuring Linda Sunblad]

There's something in the way you always somewhere else
Feelings have deserted me to a point of no return
I don't believe in God but I pray for you

Don't you slip away from me, it's you I live for don't you leave
Don't you slip away from me, I'm vulnerable to your love

Don't let them get you, stay away from the sun
It's too bright for you
Your eyes getting blurry - stay, I'm crying your name
I don't believe in God but I pray for you

Don't you slip away from me, it's you I live for don't you leave
No, don't you slip away from me, I'm vulnerable to your love

There is something in the way you're always somewhere else
Feelings have deserted me to a point of no return
So the light fades out and you're so close to losing

Don't you slip away from me, it's you I live for don't you leave
No, don't you slip away from me, I'm vulnerable to your love
Don't you slip away from me
It's you I live my life for
No don't leave

Don't you slip away from me, I'm vulnerable to your love
Don't you slip away
My Thoughts.   
10:59pm 06/06/2007
  So, I like anime. Not to the point that I can rattle of series after series and an in depth review of every single one I've seen, but I like it all the same. I like watching anime series as it's a nice long story with some good character development, most of the times. Take s-CRY-ed and Planetes, two very good series. s-CRY-ed is the more light hearted of the two, but that's speaking relatively. Planetes on the other hand is more realistic in how it portrays conflict, both intra and interpersonal. Of the two, I'd recommend Planetes over s-CRY-ed because of it's more realistic approach to human drama.

But I also enjoying watching an Anime movie. Akira, Nausica of the valley of the wind, Perfect Blue and Metropolis just to name a few. A good story can be presented in almost any time frame and a good story teller will make the most out of that time, and the movies I listed do. But there is one element that has been missing from almost all anime movies I have ever seen and this detracts greatly from the effect of these stories.

The Silver Screen.
I'll say it simply, I want to watch Anime movies in a movie theater. Which means, I need to pester Kerasotes theaters to show movies in the hopes of actually being able to watch one on the big screen at least once a month. I wouldn't mind a midnight showing on a Saturday to see Akira or Nausica, and I'd love to catch Paprika on the big screen to get the full effect from everything.

Wish me the best of luck in this endeavor, for I shall need it.